Clear the Way to Improve Your Smile with Invisalign®

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Did you know you can improve your smile with Invisalign®? Invisalign is a simple system to use that can align your teeth, which can greatly improve your smile. That is why our orthodontist, Dr. Scott Vincent with Vincent Team Orthodontics in Sandy, Utah, is happy to give you this information on Invisalign.

Invisalign is essentially an orthodontic aligner made of thin, clear materials that go over your teeth. This aligner system is fantastic because they are transparent making them discreet and can be easily taken on or off as you eat or clean your teeth during treatment. In most cases, they are used for patients who have mild to moderate crowded teeth concerns or other bad bite alignments like overbites or underbites.

Another positive trait Invisalign has is that they are virtually invisible and customizable, so they can be fitted to your needs without the embarrassment of wearing braces. How it works is every two weeks you trade your current aligner for a new one that will slowly push your teeth into place. Invisalign aligners are metal-free, smooth, and comfortable, making it easier to align your teeth than ever before.

If you need help with your smile adjustments, please call 801-495-2560 today. Our team can give you an evaluation to see what the best form of treatment will be for your unique situation.