Details on What to Expect at Your Dental Cleaning When You Have Braces

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Dental cleanings with braces can be quite overwhelming, which is why many people skip their cleanings altogether during their orthodontic journey. This is a big mistake, especially because plaque and tartar gather around the braces, promoting tooth decay and gum disease. Without the help from a professional cleaning, your smile can be in trouble. So make sure you schedule your routine cleaning and exam every six months.

During the cleaning, your hygienist will use special tools and techniques to deeply clean many surfaces of your teeth. When working around your brackets and other braces hardware, they will remove the plaque and other substances that can harm your smile. The techniques used at this time are the only techniques that can save your smile from the major dental issues mentioned earlier.

Once the surfaces of the teeth are clean, your hygienist will floss the crevices of the smile. In order to floss your smile, they will use a special looped tool to thread the floss through the space between the tooth and the braces wire. Next, they will use a sawing motion to send the floss between your chompers. Once it is there, your hygienist will rub the floss against the sides of each tooth and along the gumline to eliminate the plaque and food particles that reside there.

Your appointment should also include a thorough examination (which might involve taking X-rays) and a fluoride treatment, if necessary. To learn more about your upcoming dental cleaning with braces in Sandy, Utah, please call Vincent Team Orthodontics at 801-495-2560 and talk to Dr. Scott Vincent or a member of our orthodontic team.