Holiday Dessert Guide for Braces

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The holidays bring a plethora of desserts and sweets. Here are a few you might find on the dessert menu, and whether or not you should eat these dishes with braces.

Pumpkin Pie:  Soft pumpkin custard and a flaky pie crust makes this an excellent seasonal treat for everyone–with or without braces. Dig in! Just make sure to brush well after eating the starchy crust, as it is easy for it to stick to teeth.

Pecan Pie: Unfortunately, everything about pecan pie is bad for braces. A sticky caramel base that sticks to teeth and wires, topped with nut pieces that will get caught in your hardware–bad idea. Stick with cream, fruit, or custard pies for the holidays.

Fruit and Cheese Platter: Cheese is a great idea for braces! It is soft, low in sugar, and full of calcium and other nutrients necessary for oral health. Fruit is a little trickier. Most fruit is a good idea, but watch out for large chunks of crispy fruit, like apples, as well as fruits with seeds that can get caught in your braces. Avoid nuts that may accompany the fruit and cheese.

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