Invisalign® Can Improve Minor Alignment Issues with Your Teeth

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Not only can the alignment of your teeth affect the appearance of your smile, it can also have a significant impact on the basic function and structural integrity of your teeth. Misalignment problems with the biting surfaces of multiple teeth can promote chronic problems like dental attrition, and could potentially lead to increased risk of dental fractures.

Even if your teeth were perfectly aligned in your adolescent years, it is still possible for your dentition to change. This could be related to genetic factors, as well as tooth loss complications.

If the deviation in your bite pattern is addressed the reasonable amount of time Dr. Scott Vincent and might be able to correct your misaligned teeth with a brand of clear plastic aligners like Invisalign®.

These clear plastic aligners that can effectively improve the orientation of your teeth in as little as six to eight weeks. When they are installed in your mouth it will be difficult for the casual observer to notice you are using Invisalign®.

At two week intervals, you will need to switch to a different pair or custom aligners. This will gradually bring your teeth increasingly closer to their ideal position in your mouth.  

After the deviations in your bite pattern have been fully corrected, you will need to use a clear plastic retainer. This will help your teeth to retain their new position. After a few weeks, you will be able to enjoy your newly aligned smile without the need for further dental appliances

If you live in the Sandy, Utah, area and you have minor deviations in the alignment or your teeth, you should call 801-495-2560 to schedule an Invisalign® consultation at Vincent Team Orthodontics’s orthodontic clinic.