It’s Important to Maintain Good Oral Hygiene with Braces

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The braces installed in your mouth at Vincent Team Orthodontics have been designed to alter and improve the alignment of your teeth. This is done by applying progressive tension through the course of iterative adjustment sessions. Poor oral hygiene increases the chances of having cavities or causing orthodontic hardware to suffer excessive wear and tear. Should this befall you, the complications, treatment, and repair could increase the number of adjustments required for your teeth to achieve their ideal alignment.

While brushing twice each day and flossing in the evening will certainly go a long way toward maintaining good oral hygiene, you might want to also try using some special tools in your daily oral hygiene routine.

Interdental brushes have small-angled brush heads that can help remove food material from hard-to-reach areas around orthodontic hardware. They are especially handy for getting small food particles out from around bands and spacers.

A floss threader that uses waxed dental floss can make it easier to work the strand between teeth and around the gumline. This simple loop-shaped tool that is loaded with waxed dental floss can help you floss around the wires and other hardware.

An oral irrigator tool creates a stream of water that can help loosen and wash away food particles from hard-to-reach places. Just keep in mind that this is not a viable alternative to flossing.

If you have a question or concerns about maintaining good oral hygiene with your braces in Sandy, Utah, you can always call 801-495-2560 to seek further advice from Dr. Scott Vincent or a member of our staff at Vincent Team Orthodontics.