Keep Your Teeth and Braces Happy With Proper Eating Techniques

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You may have heard that once you have braces you need to change your eating habits. We can help you protect your braces and teeth by offering some tips on eating while wearing an orthodontic appliance:

– Use the sides of your mouth to chew. When you have recently received braces or had them adjusted, your front teeth may have a lot of sensitivity that make biting and chewing food uncomfortable. However, you avoid this discomfort by chewing on the side of your mouth.

– Avoid foods with a stringy texture. If food is stringy, it can be messy and easily become entwined in your brackets and wires, making it hard to remove and generally more trouble than it’s worth.

– Eat lots of soft foods whenever you can. Soft foods are great for new or recently adjusted braces because they are comfortable and don’t require much chewing.

– Eat cold foods. Many patients worry that braces will make their teeth more sensitive to hot and cold foods, but this occurs to very few patients. Most people experience relief in their teeth and gums because eating cool snacks such as ice cream helps to dull the soreness from tightened braces.

While eating with braces can be a hassle at first, you won’t have to receive orthodontic treatment forever and our team at Vincent Team Orthodontics can help you manage in the meantime. Dr. Scott Vincent can provide instructions when you first receive braces, and you are welcome to call 801-495-2560 for further information on orthodontics in Sandy, Utah.