More Adults Are Choosing Braces to Improve the Function and Appearance of Their Teeth

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Alignment issues with your teeth can arise through the natural processes of aging. This could be the result of changes in jaw structure or from the loss of a tooth. When a tooth is extracted or lost to untreated tooth decay, it leaves a void behind that can affect the surrounding teeth. In time, these teeth can start to turn and even move slightly toward the gap. This makes them more prone to chips and fractures while also leaving you with an unappealing smile.

If you had underbite or overbite issues when you were young that were not corrected, it could cause other complications. The misalignment in your bite pattern can make several teeth in your mouth prone to chips or fractures.

More and more adults with significant alignment issues like these contact our orthodontist, Dr. Scott Vincent, to explore their braces options. Traditional metal braces can be glazed by a special ceramic material that can be shaded to match your tooth enamel. This makes it harder for the casual observer to even notice you have braces.

If you have minor alignment issues with your teeth, you might be a good candidate for a removable style of clear, plastic aligners like Invisalign®. These custom aligners can gradually adjust your teeth. At two week intervals, you will switch to a new set of clear, plastic aligners that is tuned to bring you one step closer to your ideal smile.

If you have an alignment issue with your teeth, you should call 801-495-2560 to explore your braces options in Sandy, Utah. Our team at Vincent Team Orthodontics is happy to help you.