Orthodontic Adjustments Are Critical for Effectively Realigning Your Child’s Teeth

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Deviations in the alignment of your child’s permanent teeth can vary in severity. This can be influenced by genetics, the loss of one or more primary teeth to untreated cavities, or other environmental factors.

Not only can these alignment issues leave your son or daughter feeling self-conscious about their appearance it can also contribute to long-term dental problems. The improper relationships with how specific teeth meet in their dentition can gradually contribute to problems with tooth enamel attrition, as well as an increased risk of suffering chips and dental fractures.

Fortunately, Dr. Scott Vincent and the orthodontic specialists at Vincent Team Orthodontics can correct the alignment of your child’s teeth by installing orthodontic braces into their mouth. Once this is done you will need to bring them back to see Dr. Scott Vincent for routine adjustments.

Each of these appointments will tighten the relationship between the orthodontic components and your child’s periodontal ligaments. This will stretch the connective tissues that anchor your child’s teeth by minute degrees to eventually correct their dentition.

Consistent timing of their adjustments is very important to the process. If you know of an upcoming scheduling conflict, you should contact our clinic to schedule a new time.

If you live in the Sandy, Utah, area and your son or daughter has alignment problems with their teeth, you should call 801-495-2560 to schedule a braces consultation at the orthodontic clinic of Vincent Team Orthodontics.