The Secret to a Straight and Clear Smile Begins with Invisalign®

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Do you know the secrets to Invisalign®? With all the treatment methods available these days for your teeth and gums, it’s easy to forget which products and services do what. One of the most fantastic services Vincent Team Orthodontics offers is our Invisalign® orthodontic aligner system, which comes with a bevy of perks and benefits. Ask yourself the following true/false questions to see how much you know about it:

TRUE or FALSE: Invisalign orthodontic aligners are 100% detachable.
– This is true. If you need to remove your aligners for meals or for cleaning, they can easily be popped out and reattached later.

TRUE or FALSE: As with additional braces and orthodontic treatments, there are food restrictions.
– False, you do not have to change what you eat. Instead, you can remove your aligners before every meal.

TRUE or FALSE: Invisalign aligners are invisible.
– This is partly true because Invisalign aligners are partially invisible. If they were totally invisible, it would VERY difficult to find them every time you had to put them in!

TRUE or FALSE: One pair of Invisalign can be used among individuals with misalignment issues.
– This is false. Each pair of Invisalign aligners is made for each patient’s specific dental profile to ensure the best possible treatment. Also, never share mouth utensils, including orthodontic treatments, as this can easily lead to contamination.

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