TMJ Disorder Symptoms Should Not Be Ignored

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The temporomandibular joints that hinge your jaw play an important role in a wide range of oral functions. This includes opening your mouth to bite off food, while also chewing, grinding, and breaking tough foods down for ease of swallowing. The complex motion of these joints also relates to your ability to speak clearly and make certain facial expressions.

As the year goes by it’s possible for inflammation and physical changes to occur in these joints causing discomfort and potential dysfunction.

This could include a pain or soreness near the temples, in front of the ears or within the joint itself. This could also be accompanied by a pain when biting down and applying pressure to the joints. For some people, the temporomandibular joints might also click when chewing.

This condition, which is more commonly known as TMJ disorder should not be ignored.

With a professional diagnosis, Dr. Scott Vincent can work to develop an effective treatment strategy. This often starts with simple lifestyle modifications in food choices as well as facial stretches. If these minute changes in your daily habits don’t improve temporomandibular discomfort, he might recommend more proactive treatment methods.

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