What You Should Know About Receiving Braces

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In the past, braces were considered only for children and were given a very negative reputation. Today, both children and adults choose to receive orthodontic treatment, though some people are still wary of braces because they aren’t familiar with the process. We invite you to review these tips to help you learn more about the braces process and how to adjust to your orthodontic appliance:

– Treatment length: Placing braces on your smile is usually done in about an hour or two, though it depends on which type of appliance you are receiving.

– Placement process: Our orthodontist places bonding glue on clean and dry teeth to attach the orthodontic brackets, and then secures the arch wire to the brackets and holds it in place with elastic bands.

– Comfort: While the braces process should not be uncomfortable, you may feel some soreness whenever your appliance is tightened, especially during your monthly adjustments. Any discomfort shouldn’t last more than a day or two.

– Diet: We recommend a diet of soft foods like ice cream, yogurt and soup for the first few days so that you don’t have to chew. Eating cold foods can also help soothe any soreness following treatment.

– Remedies: Dr. Scott Vincent can provide orthodontic wax to cover your appliance and prevent poking wires or friction from brackets causing sores in your mouth. If you do have sores, you may find that using a saltwater rinse for a few days helps to clear them up.

Our team is always on hand to help you with adjusting to braces in Sandy, Utah, and we invite you to contact Vincent Team Orthodontics at 801-495-2560 today if you have any questions for our orthodontist.