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If traditional orthodontics is not suitable to your smile, Dr. Scott Vincent may recommend neuromuscular orthodontics in Sandy, Utah. Our neuromuscular treatments address disharmony between your teeth and facial alignment to ensure that your smile retains its new position. If you would like to benefit from neuromuscular orthodontics, please contact Vincent Team Orthodontics to speak with our orthodontist.

While traditional orthodontics focuses on straightening the teeth for esthetic purposes, neuromuscular orthodontics considers the overall alignment between the teeth, facial muscles, and temporomandibular joint (TMJ). If your jaws are not properly aligned, you may experience facial discomfort and increased dental and health issues over time. If your mouth cannot accommodate a full set of teeth, our orthodontist may recommend a space expander over tooth extractions or oral surgery. By creating a wider dental arch, we can help your smile maintain a harmonious balance with your jaws and facial muscles. Neuromuscular orthodontics is important in preventing a dental relapse after orthodontic care. In addition to promoting a healthy bite and strong smile, neuromuscular orthodontics can enhance your facial appearance by pulling a receding jaw forward and bringing your facial structure into full alignment. For further information about neuromuscular orthodontics, we invite you to come see our orthodontist for a consultation.

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