What Happens After Braces Removal?

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Getting braces off is a big deal. You may think it’s over, however, there is much more to consider. After several months, or even years, it seems like you may be done with your alignment for good. Aftercare is just as essential, however, with retainers becoming the next chapter in your journey. Here’s a quick guide to life after your braces removal. 

what happens after braces removal

The Braces Removal Process  

The process of getting your braces removed is not a painful one. However, it can be a bit uncomfortable and leave you with mild soreness. This is because your teeth used to have added pressure to them. Now that nothing is holding them together, they may feel sensitive for a few days.  

Consider taking an over-the-counter pain reliever prior to your appointment to help prevent any sensitivity or soreness that may occur. To make the process easier and smoother for you and your orthodontist, we recommend brushing your teeth before your appointment.  

Once you are at your appointment, the orthodontist will use a metal device to loosen the brackets on your teeth. This usually pops your braces right off. Then, the orthodontist will remove any adhesive residue that is remaining on the surface of your teeth.  

Wearing a Retainer: Life After Braces Removal

 After your braces come off, your orthodontist will take impressions of your teeth and may take some x-rays to fit you for a custom-made retainer. Because your teeth are used to being in motion, they are relatively unstable after the brace’s removal process.  

 To hold your teeth in their new position and keep your bite in place, your orthodontist will instruct you on how to wear and take care of your retainer correctly. Although being responsible for another mouth appliance can be inconvenient, it is pertinent to keeping your smile healthy. 

Remaining Vigilant after Braces Removal

Wearing a retainer is never comfortable, and most people try to avoid it at all costs. Unfortunately, negligence with your aftercare can mean coming back for more braces. That’s why it is important to keep up with wearing a retainer at night, especially during the first year. 

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